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International Voice

International Voice

AT&T operates one of the world's largest international voice networks carrying over 18 billion minutes per year. Combining network reliability, competitive pricing, and people, AT&T is uniquely positioned to provide you with the advanced networking infrastructure required to deploy and support both simple as well as complex voice applications worldwide.

a global reach to over 240+ countries, the greatest in the industry.

Switching and transport networks with multiple levels of breadth and depth for your maximum security, along with industry leading network reliability.

State of the art Network Operations Center monitors and manages our networks 24x7 and provides worldwide sales support.

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Long Distance
Much of your mission-critical business communications takes place on your voice network and it is simply good business to have the best voice service. AT&T Business Long Distance outbound calling capability provides for the completion of US calls via AT&T's network.

NetPROTECT Toll Fraud Protection Service
While no telecommunications system can be entirely free from risk of toll fraud, earnest attention to system security can reduce that risk considerably.



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