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Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Primary Rate ISDN (PRI)

AT&T's ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Service offers an efficient way to integrate your voice, data and video communications on the same high-performance digital trunks using industry-standard ISDN Primary Rate Interface technology.

This all-digital service connects your digital PBX or other digital premises equipment directly to the AT&T Network over ISDN-configured T1 facilities that can be used for virtually any combination of voice, video, or switched data transmissions. There is no need to designate certain channels for each type of transmission; your bandwidth is allocated automatically for each transmission on a call-by-call basis.

Features & Options
- Designed for locations that need dependable connectivity for local and toll calls, long distance, international voice, video and switched data services

- Runs on standards-based ISDN-configured digital T1

- Trunks available as Direct Inward Dial (DID), Direct Outward Dial (DOD), DID/DOD and Combination

- Dynamic call allocation

- Supports inbound and outbound calling as well as access to toll-free service

-Outbound and Inbound blocking option

- Optional back-up signaling channel to improve reliability

- Integrates local voice, video, and switched data to make more efficient use of T1 bandwidth.
- Unsurpassed performance that comes with 100% digital connectivity
- AT&T's industry-leading 24 hour network monitoring and management that provides 99.99% uptime
- Helps improve callers experience and your efficiency with faster call set-up times inherent in ISDN signaling
- Help reduce costs by purchasing as part of AT&T Business Network where spend on eligible local services

AT&T offers ISDN PRI service within AT&T's regional service areas, and nationally in select cities.

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AT&T local service is provided by AT&T Connecticut based upon the service address location. See applicable state tariff, catalog or guidebook for additional details, terms and conditions. AT&T Connecticut customers may recognize ISDN PRI by the name Enhanced Multipath SM.



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