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Communications technology doesn't have to break the bank. AT&T CentraLink is a reliable, central office-based voice communications system that provides internal and external communications services to businesses - without the large up-front investment. CentraLink delivers a user-friendly interface, built-in redundancy and 24-hour monitoring and maintenance. CentraLink uses the power of AT&T's state-of-the-art network to offer a customizable, feature-rich service with the flexibility to grow with your business.


AT&T CentraLink is a voice communications system that uses the power of the AT&T central office to provide internal and external communications service to businesses. With CentraLink, there is no expensive equipment to outgrow. Since all upgrades and changes are made at the central office, businesses can expand or downsize without having to replace their communications system.

The offering is flexible in size and has an array of more than 100 optional features to meet unique business needs. Whether an organization has two lines or 100 lines, every user has a direct telephone number with CentraLink.

AT&T central offices house our regional networks and are designed to pass survivability tests in even the worst natural disasters. Reliability and redundancy are built into the systems to help provide businesses with the continuity protection they need. Each central office is monitored, maintained and backed up 24 hours a day. An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides added CentraLink management functionality.
AT&T CentraLink offers flexible connectivity - for multiple locations, remote or home-based sites with transparent feature and system capabilities at no additional cost.

Features & Options
AT&T CentraLink offers up to 130 standard and optional features to fit the needs of any business. Customization and feature changes are easy. There are a variety of simple-to-use features in each of the following categories:

- Call Handling
- Call Identification
- Call Answer
- Call Dialing


By using a network-based communications system, customers have more time and resources to focus on core competencies and business building. AT&T CentraLink allows business customers to utilize the latest and most reliable communications technology without a large capital investment. CentraLink offers customers real and measurable benefits:

- Flexibility of size, features and pricing
- Improved communications
- Rate protection and cost savings
- Bill accuracy and simplification
- Ease of use

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CentraLink is provided by AT&T incumbent local exchange carriers. Some features may require compatible CPE. CentraLink and features offered may vary based on availability.



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