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3-1-1 Service

When the FCC called for the development of a 3-1-1 service, AT&T answered with Non-Emergency 3-1-1. The service is convenient and will make reaching police and other government services in non-emergency situations easier for residents of your community.

This intra-LATA service uses Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) capabilities, public switch network reliability, network monitoring, routing flexibility and management reporting technologies that can make a 3-1-1 system effective for your community.

- Can help the municipality reduce the number of calls to 9-1-1
- Residents no longer have to memorize or look up seven or ten digit numbers to reach non-emergency municipal services
- Allows the municipality routing flexibility to accommodate planned or unplanned events
- Allows calls to be transferred to other city or government agencies

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AT&T local service provided by AT&T Connecticut.

Not available in all areas. 3-1-1 is only available to government customers who use the service for non-emergency citizen calls.

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