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Frame Relay

Frame Relay

AT&T Frame Relay Service is an end-to-end, data network offering based on frame relay technology providing fast, efficient and reliable many-to-many connectivity enabling your critical applications. AT&T's Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switching back-bone consistently maintains reliability, low congestion and consistent performance. Whether your requirements are for domestic connectivity within a single country or region, or you need a global network, AT&T's global packet network is strategically positioned to connect your various locations.

AT&T Frame Relay Service will help simplify your current networks and allow you to rapidly upgrade bandwidth, connect your many sites and choose various capabilities with ease. For example, if you need more bandwidth outside the scope of AT&T Frame Relay Service you can subscribe to AT&T ATM Service, which uses the same Frame Relay/ATM core backbone platform.

As you consider your Internet Protocol and Virtual Private Network needs, AT&T Frame Relay Service has options such as AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay Service to help meet these needs while still maintaining your existing Frame Relay network.

AT&T's Frame Relay Service is a global data network based on a simplified form of package switching in which synchronous frames of data are routed to specified destinations within a defined network.

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AT&T Frame Relay Service


Features & Options
-Service Level Agreements
-Reliability and network management capabilities
-Customer network design and engineering support
-Bursting capabilities enabled

-24x7 monitoring of service
-Integrate and migrate with other services and technologies at ease
-Cost efficiencies
-Scalable, flexible and reliable
-End-to-end custom solutions


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