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AT&T MPLS PNT (Multi-Protocol Label Switching on Private Network Transport)
AT&T MPLS PNT (Multi Protocol Label Switching on Private Network Transport)
AT&T MPLS PNT (Multi Protocol Label Swithching on Private Network Transport)
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Future-proofing Your IP VPN Architecture In a Secure, Flexible Environment.

AT&T knows that as your company grows and changes, your IP VPN Architecture must grow along with it, and be able to meet the needs and demands specific to your business and your business alone.

Enter AT&T Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP VPNs: Network-based solutions provisioned on the AT&T IP Network. These state-of-the-art IP VPN models offer a flexible and easy path to migrate from legacy data networks to a highly secure and scalable IP-based infrastructure.

Performance, Reliability, and Security of a carrier-operated managed MPLS-based network.

When you're looking for a network solution that combines security with flexibility for growth, look to AT&T MPLS PNT Services. This interactive demonstration will highlight some of the benefits of MPLS PNT technology and the AT&T Advantages you won't find from any other provider.

For additional information, view our full product demo.

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MPLS PNT Benefits

State-of-the-Art VPN Models

Private Network Transport(PNT) provides the performance, reliability, predictability and security of a carrier-operated, managed MPLS-based network.

Four Classes of Service

Classes of Service (COS) allows you to set bandwidth allocations suited to the type of traffic you run, meaning that a large file transfer will never overwhelm your other data streams.

End-to-End Security

MPLS PNT data travels only over the AT&T global IP network, lessening the risk of others intercepting your data.

Easily Scalable

New locations need only connect to the closest AT&T router in our global IP network, reducing complexity and expense.

AT&T Advantage

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

AT&T service-level agreement guarantee you a network uptime of 99.9% or greater and we offer you a Web site where you can check the health of our network at any time.

AT&T Global IP Network

Take advantage of the speed, robustness and proactive network management offered by the industry-leading AT&T global IP Network.

AT&T BusinessDirect®

Access to the award-winning AT&T BusinessDirect® platform of online tools — 24 x 7 ability to order new capabilities or services, check the status of orders and installations, view and pay your monthly bill, and request maintenance. Take a tour of AT&T BusinessDirect®.

Customer Care

Reach our customer care hotline 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, or take advantage of our electronic self-service capabilities or our customer care Web site any time.



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