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Ultravailable Network Service

Ultravailable Network Service

AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service connects your data centers and business sites in a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) environment. AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service carries multiple data protocols over an optical channel and quickly transfers your large amounts of data at high speeds.

AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service provides network continuity and recovery through a geographically-dispersed infrastructure by using the latest advances in optical networking equipment. We design, engineer, and implement our solutions to meet your unique operational needs while transparently resolving single points of failure.

AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service helps ensure near-zero data loss during transmission and near-100% availability of mission-critical global applications. AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service enables your business to integrate disparate application, storage, and information technology assets into a secure, fail-safe environment.

AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service allows you to transport multiple data signals over one fully-managed, monitored, and maintained network. Using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service provides multiple channels and protocols on a single fiber pair and delivers excellent connectivity, flexibility, and route survivability.

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AT&T Optical Services - Ultravailable Network Service

Features & Options

- Geographically-dispersed infrastructure: Our high-capacity bandwidth and reliable applications—such as mirrored data storage, System Area Network (SAN), Network Area Storage (NAS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)—will help you meet your globalization needs and your demand for continuous access to business operations
- Network protection - Depending on your needs, we can provide back-up data centers, third-party service bureaus, or emergency office facilities, and we can quickly divert your traffic to these locations.
- Optical networking equipment - We design, engineer, and implement our solutions to meet your unique operational needs while transparently resolving single points of failure. Our AT&T Ultravailable® Network Service offers an infrastructure reliability rate of up to 99.999%, on-net backbone routers, burstability, dual OC-48s, and a single point-of-contact for equipment and services.

- Security - AT&T has one of the most comprehensive network security portfolios in the industry. We build in robust security measures at every network layer to minimize the risk of outages and intrusions. And, we protect our network facilities by using redundant electronic components, power supplies, and dual fiber entrances.
- Reliability - We monitor our network to identify and correct service issues quickly. Because we monitor your service 24x7, you can trust that your network will perform at its optimum level.
- Agility - With our integrated, agile networking platform, you can quickly add or change applications as your business needs dictate. You can also choose the connectivity option your business requires, and you can choose from several bandwidth options.
- Performance - You expect communication services that work, and we can deliver. This high-performing infrastructure allows us to easily and securely transmit your large data files among your various locations.

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