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Ethernet Switched Service - MAN

Ethernet Switched Service - MAN

AT&T's Ethernet Switched Service - Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) provides you with the high bandwidth you are looking for with flexibility to meet your needs, from affordable, scalable communications to secure and reliable networking you can depend upon.

With an Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) supporting any-to-any high-bandwidth Ethernet LAN connectivity between your metro area locations with multiple uplink speeds and network configurations available, you are sure to find a solution that's right for your business. Because you use existing equipment found on your LAN today, an Ethernet solution is an affordable way to simplify and consolidate your metro infrastructure.

AT&T Ethernet Switched Service - MAN offers you high-speed bandwidth in versatile, logical network configurations between your metro locations, such as hub and spoke, partially meshed or fully meshed.

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AT&T Ethernet Switched Service - Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Features & Options
-Network management reports: bandwidth utilization, frames received and reported regularly to help you manage your network resources

-Proactive monitoring: around-the-clock monitoring to help ensure you have continuous service availability

-Service Level Agreements available:

>>>Time to restore: response when you need it, four hours without technician dispatched or eight hours when a technician is dispatched

>>>On- time provisioning: for your network planning ease

>>>Network availability: dependent on transport design/redundancy

-Maximizing your ROI: using the investments you have today, not adding additional equipment or staff training, managing complex service interfaces. Networking tied to your business needs, not to technology requirements

-End-to-End: offering you a complete turnkey solution, as a single vendor, for all metropolitan area networking and more. Scalable and comprehensive - your applications have the bandwidth they need, with multiple speeds and services easily upgraded to evolve as your business environment changes

-Reliable Services: proactive monitoring and management options designed to meet your needs. Business continuity options for quick restoration and redundancy to help keep your network available and your business running

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